TIME FOR HARRY: 10 Years (Gelding Chestnut)


A youngster by comparison to his stable mates. A lovely athletic horse full of life and loves attention!

Harry failed to make the grade in training at Newmarket and his future would have been uncertain like so many if not taken in by Heartbeat Home for Horses some years ago.

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ORION:  21 Years (Gelding) Dark Bay

With his late companion Zuis before retirement Orion and Zuis were used to draw carriages for weddings and funerals. They had been together for most of their lives before the sudden loss of Zuis.

Fortunately Orion has coped well with the loss of his friend and it has surprisingly appeared to have had very little affect on him.

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VELVET NAEF: 11 Years (Filley)

Before retirement some years ago Velvet Naef started her career in training at Newmarket. Although placed on occasions she could not maintain the stamina required for the course. 

Often remarked by the public at racecourses at how remarkable she looked when prepared for racing.

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WINSTON: 24 Years (Gelding) Bay

Foaled at Brick Kiln Farm Hevingham his mother Elegant Model died at his birth.


Winston was then raised by an Irish Draught Filly who was a lovely horse to handle and very popular with the other horses.

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BONELLA: 18 Years (Filley) Gray

Bonnella was in training at Newmarket and had a win at Brighton late in her career.


Once retired from racing she became a broodmare having foaled several foals none successful on the racecourse.


Bonella is a horse who has changed very little over the years.

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CRACKER JACK: 18 Years (Gelding) Bay

A fine horse to handle and ride.


Cracker Jack is a capable jumper but can be very stubborn at times but still a very likeable horse.

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