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Our Story

Heartbeat Home For Horses Our Story

Keeping Horses Happy In Retirement

Heartbeat Home for Horses is a charity dedicated to the re-homing of horses at the end of their career and one that has many years’ experience in equine care.  The facilities we have are excellent, with large and small paddocks, with lush grass for most of the year and good sized stables for the horses to rest in the warm and dry when required. 

The Heartbeat Retired Horses Charity


Many charities are now only admitting horses who can be re-educated and loaned to new homes - they do not want old horses to take up permanent spaces, and many do not want big horses. 

Some horses that are re-homed at the end of their careers are not always cared for in the manner they deserve.  Many are cast aside and find themselves in totally unsuitable environments.  Some face being destroyed, as their usefulness has come to and end.  We will never put a horse to sleep, except on the advice of our veterinary surgeon.

An imaginary story of a new arrival at Heartbeat Home for Horses

To explain how and why horses arrive at Heartbeat, have a quick read of this typical, though fictional, story of a new guest to Heartbeat Home for Horses, written by the founder of the charity.

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