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Retired Horses-Heartbeat Home For Retired Horses

Retired Horses Charity Number 1106722 - The Heartbeat Home for Horses Limited.

Heartbeat Raffles


Look out for our Heartbeat Raffles that will will be running periodically.  If you would like to help us raise some much needed funds and also have the chance to win many prizes. Watch this space as you could be a lucky winner in the near future.

How the Heartbeat Raffles Work

You can purchase as many tickets as you would like and tickets are sold until we reach a target figure, which is normally £500 and then a draw is made. You have a % chance of winning in each draw. There is one large prize and a series of smaller prizes. Heartbeat retains just 20% of revenue generated in ticket sales which goes towards caring for, feeding and looking after the general welfare of our horses, including vetinerary fees.

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